Connect Your Phone to Your HDTV

The Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) standard is a 1080p HD video and digital audio (7.1 surround sound) interface for connecting smartphones and other portable devices such as tablets, HD Cameras, etc.) to High Definition TVs. Additionally, in the ever growing world of power hungry portable devices, Micro USB to HDMI MHL adapters simultaneously provides power to your device — something that HDMI cables just do not do.

The MHL Micro USB to HDMI standard also enables any TV remote to control your phone’s interface, apps and content. Basically, you can hook your phone up to any HDTV, by any manufacturer, and have complete access to it on the big screen through the remote control.

This also means MHL compatible devices will only have one port and require 1 cable for charging and connecting up to a HDTV.

You can also use your standard USB connector with the port. When connected, your phone will automatically recognize whether it is hooked up to an MHL port or a USB port and will switch accordingly.

In the US the¬ HTC EVO 3D and the Samsung Galaxy S II were the first smart phones to be compatible with MHL micro USB to HDMI technology. HTC Tablets and¬ Samsung Tablets are now also MHL compatible.

Check out the demo below and here’s a list of mobile devices MHL compatible.

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